The Natural Beauty Of Bangladesh: One Of The Best Tourist Sites In The World

Have you thought of a dream holiday where you see yourself on that very attractive magical coastline with very beautiful features like those in the fairy tales? Did you know that such features really exist on this very planet?

Talking of wonderful eye-catching sites let us take a trip to the North Eastern part of south Asia and land safely in one of the most beautiful countries on the planet: Bangladesh. The country is surrounded by some of the most prominent geographical features studied worldwide. To the north of Bangladesh are the famous Himalayas while the bay of the Bengal borders her from the South. To her East is the hilly region of Tripura, India and Myanmar. Finally to her West lies the west Bengal. Together these features form a low lying plain in between that is the country in their midst; Bangladesh.

The plain between all these features has plenty of rivers flowing across it forming a nice natural beautiful pattern of rivers and streams network. Padma, Meghna, Kamafull and Brahmaputra are the major rivers in this very beautiful land.

History goes hand in hand with the Natural Beauty of Bangladesh. Talking of historical sites she has quite a number of rich archeological sites to offer. This includes the Paharpur, Maianamati, Sonargaon among many others.

It also has a historical mosques and monuments. The sixty Dome mosque built in the 15th century is the largest historical in Bangladesh as well as the words heritage is situated in Bagerhat. It is also upheld for an outstanding architectural value. However, the Shait Gombuj mosque is the most magnificent and the largest brick mosque surviving in the country.

Bangladesh is not just named a natural beauty for nothing this is a title that it has fought for through its great and eye catching extraordinary features. She happens to be the home to the world’s longest natural beach in the whole world. The land is mainly covered by plant cover as most of the people practice Agriculture.

Apart from the natural beauty of Bangladesh brought forth by the flora in the country, the country also has a great deal of wildlife. She is the home of the dhole; the most endangered Asiatic top predator that is on the edge of extinction. It also has the Asian elephant which is the largest mammal. Finally she has the Bengal tiger which is the national animal of the country. The next time you thinking of spending time in a beautiful place where you will be able to watch and appreciate nature’s beauty, think of Bangladesh.