Natural Beauty Tips for Eye Care

Beautiful eyes are the first thing that one notices in your look. It counts much if you take proper care of them and make it shine with your inner self-confidence. In the cosmetic market, you can find number of eye care kits and eye makeup cosmetics. But as you know that our eyes are the most sensitive part in our body, so rather than going for synthetic beauty cosmetics for eye care, you must try natural beauty treatments for your eyes.

Natural Remedies for Eye Care

1. Keep equal amount of triphala powder and sugar candy (powdered) in a glass jar and take one teaspoonful with one teaspoonful of honey on an empty stomach morning and evening and drink 250 gm of milk over it for 2-3 months. This cures all the diseases of the eyes.

2. To make eyes beautiful, after washing the eyes with triphala water apply olive or almond oil around the eyes and massage gently. It makes eye muscles strong and soft and the skin around the eyes looks healthy.

Home Remedies for Dark Circles Under the Eyes

1. Apply cucumber juice on the black circles with cotton for 2-3 weeks regularly.

2. Mix equal amount of almond oil and honey and apply a few drops on black circles for 2-3 weeks. Both wrinkles and black circles are cured.

3. Dip five almonds in water, peel them and chew nicely in the morning or make a paste and take along with 250 grams of milk daily for 21 days.

4. Do not take oils, spices, tea and other hot products.

5. Take 125 gm of tomato juice and squeeze half a lemon in it. Mash 5-7 leaves of spearmint in it. Add black salt according to taste. Drink this once on the morning and evening to be relieved of constipation, worm infection and acne.

6. Take iron and calcium rich diet as their shortage are one of the dominant factors for black circles under the eyes.

I have discussed some of the home remedies that will help you to take care of your eyes naturally.

Disclaimer: The reader of this article should exercise all precautionary measures while following instructions on the home remedies from this article. Avoid using any of these products if you are allergic to it. The responsibility lies with the reader and not with the site or the writer.

Does Natural IBS Cure Exist?

If you suffer from constant attacks of diarrhea, and constipation, or both you’re not alone. If these symptoms occur often around potentially stressful events, you probably have a condition named Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS. IBS is quite common. Almost 20% of people suffer from it at one point in their life. Women are affected more than males.

Instead of an IBS remedy, these patients often receive a chemical drug that they will no doubt become dependent on and often still suffer from the same symptoms. Often times, people with IBS spend a lot of money and time looking for answers from multiple doctors and nutritionists. If you are like many of these sufferes, you might have received some relief, but the your problem is far from cured. However, there is an IBS medicine made of natural plant and herbs available at IBS Bowel website.

There are 3 types of IBS. The first kind is characterized with persistent diarrhea. The second type comes with painful constipation. The third, probably the worst comes with both constipation and diarrhea. All suffers are looking for that mythic IBS medication.

Doctors tell you that Irritable Blowel Syndrome is triggered by stress. This could be stress at work, stress with a relationship, or even some types of foods. Because of the food and drink connection, many people don’t think about the stress as the reason. If not treated, IBS can cause bouts of depression and hemorrhoids. With this understanding of the problem, now is the time to understand that there is a all-natural IBS medication.

Bavolex herbal supplement uses natural ingredients such as chamomile, fennel seed, peppermint, ginger and lemon balm, to name a few, as a natural IBS medicine. These natural ingredients do not just treat the painful triggers, but treat the underlying cause. They calm down the neurological system, and help digest food. Doctors that understand that there are cures other than synthetic drugs recommend BAVOLEX as an IBS medicine. If you suffer and wishthere was an IBS cure, Bavolex is the answer.

Five Simple Steps for Preventing Wrinkles and the Aging of Skin

However much we take care of our skins, the dreary 30’s bring with them the unmistakable signs of aging — wrinkles, laugh lines, creases on the forehead, and crow’s feet below the eyes. For some of us blessed with better skin, it will come later than the others, but there is almost no way we can prevent our age from showing on our faces. What we can try to do is preventing wrinkles, leading us to have a graceful and unblemished complexion as we grow older through our 30’s, 40’s and even 50’s.

Wrinkles are not the only signs of people growing older. There are other physical changes, unnoticeable at first but they gradually become more and more prominent. Skin becomes less elastic with age, and the earth’s gravitational pull duly plays its role in making these factors show on the body. These include the drooping of eyelids and the weakening of the corners of the mouth. The tip of the nose starts pointing ever so slightly downwards and the ears lengthen and are pulled lower. By the time a person reaches his or her 70’s, the skin has become much thinner and the fat beneath the face has already disappeared. So is it any wonder that the wrinkles that start appearing on our skin around our 30’s are only a precursor to all these processes?

Indeed not! But there are ways for preventing wrinkles from taking away the natural beauty of your skin. Proper application of an anti aging anti wrinkle cream helps a lot to make the wrinkles fade, but there are also some other precautions you must take alongside. Follow these simple rules to minimize or delay aging of skin as far as possible:

1. Stay protected from the sun! The sun is one of the most important factors that clock the aging process of skin. Wear sunscreen religiously on every part of your body being exposed to sunlight, even before you reach the age when you should start worrying about wrinkling. A good sunscreen does not only slow down the process of wrinkling but also protects your skin from the UV rays of the sun that causes skin cancer. While buying your sunscreen, make sure you check the SPF (Sun Protection Factor) value of the product – the higher the SPF, the better suited is your sunscreen for protecting you from the harmful effects of sunlight. If you can, try to avoid going out between 10 o’clock in the morning and 2 o’clock in the afternoon, since this is when the sun’s rays are the strongest.

2. Use a good moisturizer! One of the biggest factors for wrinkling is the loss of moisture from the skin. An effective moisturizer will penetrate into your skin and lock its natural moisture, slowing down the process of wrinkling to a considerable degree.

3. Quit smoking! Studies have found that smoking is almost directly proportional with getting premature wrinkles. This is not only because of the nicotine damage to health but also because of the facial actions required for the act of smoking. Puffing a cigarette gives you vertical lines around your mouth, and squinting to avoid the smoke from getting into your eyes will almost certainly give you excessive crow’s feet.

4. Modify your sleeping posture! The ideal position to sleep is on your back. If you sleep on your side or on your stomach, your face is pressed against the pillow for hours. This may result in the natural contour of your face being disturbed.

5. Also modify your facial expressions! Try to frown as little as possible, or laugh too hard, as these deepen the wrinkles around your face.

So a few simple steps, along with the use of anti aging anti wrinkle cream, will help you preserve your youthfulness much longer than your friends. Try these, and be surprised to experience the magic.